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Defenseless (Somerton Security, Book 1)

How far will she go to protect the sexiest guy in tech . . .

When ex-marine Georgia Bennett left the military for high-end private security, it was supposed to soften her snarky attitude. Instead, her short fuse just earned her a punishment of an assignment: protect smart-ass tech genius and Department of Defense contractor Parker Livingston. It should have been easy—only no one warned Georgia that Parker was one seriously drop-dead-gorgeous geek.

The last thing Parker needs is a bodyguard, especially not one with killer curves and a sassy mouth who tempts him to do something incredibly stupid. He’s too busy investigating whoever is turning his technology against him and threatening his team of covert operatives. But when an assassin sends Georgia and Parker running for their lives, it might just be the explosive sexual chemistry and the trust that’s building between them that saves their necks. Because the only thing more dangerous than the combination of Parker’s intellect and Georgia’s aim is their steadfast desire to protect each other, no matter the cost.


“Funny, clever, and suspenseful—I couldn't put this book down! The world needs more nerdy-hot heroes and fierce-hot heroines.” —Penny Reid, USA Today bestselling author

Defenseless from Elizabeth Dyer is my favorite romantic suspense debut of 2017. Fast-paced action, heart-pounding passion, and a cat that rides a Roomba! I love it when the tension in a book is tempered with humor, and this author delivers in spades. Georgia Bennett and Parker Livingston are meant for each other. She’s the type of woman you’d want to be friends with. And he’s ‘…lazy Sunday mornings after sex-against-the-wall Saturday nights.’ Love it!” —Dana Marton, New York Times bestselling author

“An excellent blend of suspense and romance—I was sucked into the story from page one!” —Susan Stoker, New York TimesWall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author

“Sexy, suspenseful and downright hilarious in places. Defenseless had me gripped with the perfect balance of romance and intrigue. A tightly crafted plot combined with a beautifully told story as well as characters I was rooting for meant I couldn’t put it down.” —Louise Bay, USA Today bestselling author

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Relentless (Somerton Security, Book 2)

He'd kill to find a way into the cartel. She'd die to find a way out . . .

Ethan Somerton doesn’t do safe or easy. He’s all about the challenge. The risk. In order to rescue one of his agents, Ethan must infiltrate the ruthless Vega cartel. One tiny error—just one—and he’s dead. Which means he needs Natalia Vega. Bright, beautiful, and cut sharper than the most lethal blade, she’s finally reached her breaking point. Now Ethan must find a way to make her surrender.

Caught between desperate choices and no-win situations, Natalia has survived the unthinkable by becoming dangerous, relentless, and feared. When it comes to protecting her sister, there’s no line she won’t cross. But when Ethan storms into her life with his cocksure arrogance, stone-cold competence, and seductive promises, Natalia wonders if she’s finally found a way out. But discovering whether Ethan is salvation or destruction is going to require the one thing Natalia doesn’t have—trust.

As the cartel implodes and loved ones are threatened, Ethan and Natalia are going to have to choose between love, loyalty, and the lies they cling to. They could run, knowing they’ll never be safe. They could fight, knowing they’ll probably die. Or they can trust in each other…and do something far more dangerous.